Colour Change Van Wraps

We can take coloured 'off the roll' vehicle wrap materials and change the colour of any van in just one day, offering a paint like finish at a fraction of the cost and time of a paint respray.

wrap vinyl

What colour wraps are available?

There are 100's of colours available, and these paint replacement vinyl wraps are used on many large fleets across the UK, we can also colour match to your own specific requirements.

How long does it take to wrap a van?

With a LWB Sprinter van typically taking just one day to wrap the downtime on existing fleet vehicles is minimal, as are the costs when compared to a respray.

What is the finished wrap surface like?

The end result looks like paint and will last upto 5 years, the wrap actually protects the original piant pf the van and is removable whenver you need.

How much does it cost?

Cost is around two thirds that of painting, and the removal of the wrap at the end of the vehicles life means there is no 2nd outlay in returning the vehicle to it's original colour, nor do your old vans and colours flood the market.

Wrap v's Paint?

When all of the facts are infront of you, the benefits of a colour change van wrap far outweigh those of having a full colour respray, you really can't lose.

  • Cheaper that a respray
  • Quicker to install, so less time off the road
  • Can be fitted at your location*
  • Fully removable at any point with unskilled labour
  • Offers protection to the original paintwork
  • Gives a higher residual value
  • Brand integrity is not compromised with old branded vehicles filtering into the resale market