Digital Printed Wraps

Digitally printed vehicle wrapping is the standard way of producing the image based adverts you see on many vehicles, with the ability to print photographic quality advertising skins for any vehicle in large or small numbers. This product will always require a 'matched' film laminate which enhaces and protects the surface of the printed vinyl. Highly conrorfmable and suitable for any vehicle large or small, there are many brands but from experience we have settled on using 3M products in the main, with Hexis for less demanding wraps.

Solid colour / colour matched

Corporate colour vinyl wraps are becoming a very cost effective way of branding fleets of vehicle. We can use an existing colour from a range which can include Pantone colours and many in between, or we can get a sample of colour matched vinyl sent to you for approval from which we can then have quantities of material produced specifically for your fleet.

Colour matched materials are 'made to order' and so we always need a deposit based on the quantity required. Because of this being a manufactured vinyl, there is no need to laminate or print in house meaning no production times once materials are in stock. A very cost effective and high quality product with many branding options available.

Short term promotional wrap

On occasions we have wrapped vehicles that only require the wrap to be in place for a few hours or days. The wrap is part of a product launch or display and will be removed very quickly. This is the only time we will consider not laminating a wrap, we would also if possible use a slightly lower grade vinyl which helps keep costs down and can make removing the wrap easier.

Specialist materials

More specialist materials are also now available which include matt black, chrome, pearlescent and carbon fibre. These are all suited to wrapping vehicle both inside and out and can really change the style of a vehicle.