A couple of wraps in progressWe wrap any type of vehicle from small to large - anywhere in the UK, one off or national fleets.


Vehicle wrapping is now one of the most eye catching and cost effective forms of advertising available to a business. For a one off cost a vehicle wrap can last for upto 5 years and is a 24 hour mobile advert for any product or service. As well as promotional vehicle wraps where products or events can be advertised, many fleet operators are also branding their fleet in corporate colours which increases brand awareness and ultimately brings in new business. A vehicle wrap will also protect the paints surface meaning a higher residual value for the vehicle at the end of its life.

We are specialists in all forms of vehicle wrapping, from the design stages right through to the application of the final product and we will always use the correct materials and produce a wrap that is vehicle specific which means we try to avoid joins mid panel which actually can enhance the wrap and give better life time performance.


This Mini was one of our own which we wrapped to promote our mini graphics website www.miniroof.co.uk It shows the conformability of the material over all areas of the curved bonnet and in the final product, around the front bumper. This material was an 'air release' product which virtually eliminates any bubbled during application and offers a very smooth finish.

  • Digital Print
  • Full Wrap
  • Design
  • Production & application


This shows how we set up the wrap in large printed panels which are tailored to the exact size and shape of the vehicle we are wrapping. We differ from many wrapping business' as we will make the kit fit the panels, and not have unecessary joins mid panel. This keeps things looking tidy and adds to the life of the wrap too.

  • Specific panel setup
  • Vehicle specific Design