Cast vinyl

Top in any manufactures product range, 'cast' materials are designed for long term applications upto 12 years in some cases. They are also suitable for riveted and corrugated vehicles and can be conformed to shape into recessed window panels and wrapped around curves. With no memory, they won't shrink or pop out of corrugations. This type of material is suitable for pretty much any long term application.

7 year vinyl

Flat surface general vehicle graphics. This is a more generally used type of vinyl, with good stability when fitted and minimal shrinking on flat surfaces. However this is not suited to recessed areas where it requires to be heated and stretched into place. This vinyl will pop back out of corrugations and can then crack and flake over time. Ideal for window displays and fleet vehicle graphics.

Promotional vinyl

As the name suggests, a shorter term promotional material, which is only for flat surfaces. Life times of upto 3 years are possible, but some shrinking will appear around the edges of lettering. This can have a low or high tack adhesive, and the low tack is suited to promotional window displays or car dealership promotional branding which can be removed quickly.

Reflective vinyl

There are many forms of reflective vinyl now available, and each has a specific purpose. From highly refelctive prismatic materials for use on emergency vehicles, to engineering grade and economy materials. These vinyls are not conformable and are not easily removed from vehicles at the end of use.