Terms and Conditions

Deposits. A Deposit payments is required for all work unless an agreement is reached prior to vehicle delivery. The deposit allows us to secure a time slot and also will facilitate the purchase of non returnable materials specific to your order.

Artwork costs. We offer an artwork / design service that the costs are absorbed by the vehicle wrap. However the typical cost of a vehicle wrap design works out to be £300 – £400 +VAT for a typical time frame on design. This cost will be charged to the customer or deducted from any refund amount against any dispute in artwork, production or application disputes.

Should any cancellations or amendments be required, there may be an additional fee to cover additional materials costs. It is not possible to change your mind on colour/style once a deposit has been paid and we have committed to the material order ourselves, materials are not returnable to our suppliers once an order is placed

Vehicle wrapping – 12 month guarantee on good paint which does not show any signs of damage, repair or age. 24 – 36 Months may be given to vehicles if the paint is still under the manufacturer paint warranty period.

We cannot guarantee a wrap on previously painted panels of a bad quality finish, nor to old vehicles or 5 years plus in age. Vehicle wrap films are designed to be installed to factory paint, fresh clean paintwork / surface is a requirement for correct adhesion. The wrap will only ever be as strong as the surface being wrapped. We will not apply a wrap to any Non-painted panels and plastics.

Once vinyl is installed all sales are final and there are no refunds. If an issue arises the customer must submit their complaint in writing and give Signs and Wraps / autowrap.co.uk the opportunity to see the issue and try and resolve prior to pressuring any action or taking the vehicle to any competitor or other vehicle wrapping or signage business. Because all wrap installations are custom products Signs and Wraps must be given the opportunity to address any issues, including removal and re-installation if deemed necessary.

VEHICLE DELIVERY: Wash vehicle using just using ONLY water and soap before dropping off. Even though we prep and clean the vehicle for install wax and other chemicals will prevent the vinyl to stick to surface. Do not Wax or CLAY BAR any wax or chemicals left on vehicle by waxing and or clay bar will result in bubbles and vinyl will not cure properly. We will not be held liable for vinyl that will not stick and cure properly due to wax or other chemicals used before install.  We are not liable for any damage if asked to remove any parts from vehicle. 

INSTALLATIONS: Vinyl material is a pliable plastic material that we make every effort to make it look as seamless as possible, however, there may be curves, bumps, rivets, moldings and deep-channeled curves that the vinyl will not be able to conform to. In some cases relief cuts need to be made or patches need to be installed to cover certain areas. Stretching will result in some shrinkage as it attempts to return to its original form/dimensions. As it shrinks, some minor tenting and lifting does occur and will be addressed if necessary in our 90 guarantee period.

All vinyl material needs to be applied to “like new” vehicle finish for the best results. This is to ensure the best bond of the material to the paint and its finish to the vehicle substrate. Older vehicles with engrained dirt, loose paint, sub standard repairs, rust, bubbling, caulking, scratches, dents or other damage will directly affect the adhesion of the wrap and will be visible through the  film, and such surface imperfections may damage the film or cause the film to fail prematurely.

Areas repaired with body filer must be sanded, epoxy primed and finished with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) paint or clear coat. Also, any areas with Caulking need to be re-caulked over the installed vinyl. Any recently applied finish must be fully cured for a minimum of 30 days prior to film being applied.


Installation time is based upon many factors including but not limited to, age of vehiclefilm selected, curing time, places where vinyl material is being installed, size of vehicle, complexity of installation areas and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. We will make every effort to give reasonable time frames for installation but reserve the right to change them at any time for any reason.

WARRANTY AND MATERIALS: 3M, Avery and Orafol cast wrap materials are installed per the customer or authorized representative’s request. We are not the manufacture of the product and all warranties are ordered through the manufacture of the product the customer specifically ordered. For warranty information you must visit the manufacture website or brochure for specific information regarding the product(s) you ordered. Wrap N Graphics is the installer of the product, not the manufacture. However, if there is something wrong with the product our manufactures do stand behind their products as do we, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Damage done to the vinyl material by the customer or any third party is not a warranty issue and will not be covered as such.

Although vinyl manufactures guarantee the material to last upto 5 years, high end material 7 to 10 years, the actual lifespan of a vehicle wrap will be considerably less more or less 3-5 years depending on the weather and after care. No warranties on Chrome, Plastic, Caulking and Non Factory Finished paint.

Modern vehicle wrapping materials are designed to be conformable to most shapes of panel, however there are limitations to the amount any vinyl will stretch into recessed areas and hold. During application we may need to include relief cuts in materials and use over lapping panels to allow for the best finish for the life of the wrap.


The general rule is to remove easily removable parts of a vehicle prior to wrapping, however there are some vehicles which don’t allow for easy removal of items such as door handles and wing mirrors.

On commercial vehicles we will not strip our internal door panels to access door handles, nor will we drill out rivets or other fixings to allow an external door handle or wing mirror to be removed.

Commercial vehicles will be finished to a commercial level, this level of finish is not as high in terms of wrapping into door shuts areas, and at times if digitally printed panels are being used, we cut to one edge and fit the opposite edge into the panel. This leaves just the width of the panel gap as the wrap around area.

If you are not happy with the finish level of your wrap, please talk to us and we will be happy to discuss options.



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